Enforcement and Voyage Terminations

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Law Enforcement and Voyage Termination

Commercial fishing vessels are required to comply with the commercial fishing vessel safety regulations. If during an underway boarding a fishing vessel is found to be in violation of any of the carriage or operational requirements the vessel can be issued a violation and a possible fine.

There are certain violations that are what the regulations refered to as an "especially hazardous condition".

A Coast Guard Boarding Officer may direct the master or individual in charge of a vessel, with the concurrence of the District Commander, or staff authorized by the District Commander, to immediately take reasonable steps necessary for the safety of individuals on board the vessel if the Boarding Officer observes the vessel being operated in an unsafe manner and determines that an especially hazardous condition exists. This may include directing the master or individual in charge of the vessel to return the vessel to a mooring and remain there until the situation creating the especially hazardous condition is corrected or other specific action is taken.

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