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Coast Guard statistics show a trend of a reduction in vessel sinkings and fatalities

Casualty statistics graph

From 1998 to date we see a reduction of vessel losses and fatalities. We can attribute these to various factors including the introduction of the Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Act of 1988 that went into affect in 1991, a change in fishery management regulations that has alleviated the race to fish in many fisheries across the country and a change in the safety culture in the industry and its workers. In 2012 fishing vessels operating beyond 3 miles from the territorial sea baseline were required to receive manadatory examinations for compliance with the safety equipment carriage requirements. We look forward to seeing what affect this new requirement will have in reducing deaths in this industry on future casualt studies.

NIOSH Casualty Data

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conducted casualty analysis of data from Coast Guard marine investigations and provided reports on the following regions of the country.


West Coast

East Coast

Gulf Coast

Please see the NIOSH website for more information on their work on Commercial Fishing Workplace Safety and Health Topics