Fish Tender Vessels and Loadline

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Fish Tender Vessels that operate beyond the boundary line and having a loadline length of 79 feet and greater are required to comply with loadline requirements.

Fish Tender Vessel is defined in 46 USC 2101(11c) and means a vessel that commercially supplies, stores, refrigerates, or transports fish, fish products, or materials directly related to fishing or the preparation of fish to or from a fishing, fish processing, or fish tender vessel or a fish processing facility.

Boundary Lines are defined in 46 CFR 7. In general, they follow the trend of the seaward high water shorelines and cross entrances to small bays, inlets and rivers. Where the boundary line differs from the above definition have been plotted on the below Google Maps.

Loadline Length definition

Loadline Flowchart

Loadline Score Card - This score card is used by fishing vessel examiners to evaluate fishing vessels that are also operating as a fish tender. How big of a lift would it be for the vessel to come into compliance with Loadline?

On November 20th 2019 the Coast Guard met with fish tender vessel industry representatives at the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle to discuss fish tender vessels and loadline requirements. Below are links to the two PowerPoint documents used during this meeting.